terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011

Belonging yourself

Have you ever felt like you don't belong?
Have you ever felt like you could earn more?
Have you ever tried to drag your past to the floor?
And fight it till it ask for no more?

Have you ever dreamed to be somewhere else?
In a place where you're far from your hells?
Have you ever tried to throw up?
Every bullshit stuck on your tongue?

Have you ever held it, blowing up your chest?
Because you knew you were gonna regreat?
You wonder: "where the hell they wanna get?"
And you're so afraid to leave happines

Admiting the weak side of you mind
You look for your strength but you can't find
Just heal the sorrows
And put it behind

Digging deep down your soul
You know there's a seed waiting to grow
And it will be a wonderful tree
Full of joy, with all your fantasies and dreams

You cannot wait to drink from this source
ugly dancers will return no more
But iron and steel, the chains are made of
Making harder to brake it all at once

Promiss you won't back down again
Face them with an icy stare
feed the flowers seeds inside of your chest
Your heart will get brighter, just say "yes"

Now I dry the tear on my face
Turn my back to the mirror, my friend
Get the weapons which I chose to use
To free myself, finally
A few wounds, I can cure

Também me arrisco no Inglês. haha

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  1. Oi Nô! Estou sempre vindo por aqui, poste mais hahaha

  2. oi, Carol! Vou continuar postando sim. Obrigada pelo carinho! Beijão.